Dear friends,

We are glad to inform you that the Fourth Georgy Teratsuyants International Choir Festival is to take place from 23.02.2017 to 26.02.2017 in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia. It is organized by Petrozavodsk State University with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia. And it is our pleasure to invite you and your choir to take part in it.

The festival unites choirs of Karelia, Russia and other countries in the name of our Great Teacher Georgy Ervandovich Teratsuyants, the founder and conductor of Petrozavodsk State University Academic choir. The festival is held in the memory of him and his attitude to choral music, his ideas about this kind of art as well as the sense of responsibility and belonging which were characteristic of the choir under his direction. The festival is intended for male, female and mixed amateur and training choirs. The choirs are to receive critical evaluation by highly professional adjudicators.

During the festival participants have a chance to perform in the best concert halls of Petrozavodsk. In the course of the festival there will be a contest for the best performance of a piece by the composers of Northern Europe (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) or the Republic of Karelia. The Gala-concert and the closing of the festival, when all participating choirs sing together to the accompaniment of State Karelian Philharmonic orchestra, will bring together participants, guests and audience in the Music theatre of the Republic of Karelia.

Participation in the festival will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy performances of choirs from Russia and other countries. The international board of adjudicators which includes four highly regarded experts from Karelia, Saint Petersburg and Germany are willing to give masterclasses. The festival organizing committee has prepared an interesting festival programme.

To know more about the festival, please, go to choralfestival.petrsu.ru (choose ‘English”) or e-mail us at choir.festival@yandex.ru

We will be happy to see your choir among festival participants. See you in Karelia – the land of beautiful Northern nature.

Petrozavodsk State University


of “The IV Georgy Teratsuyants International Choir Festival”


23 – 26 February, 2017

The regulations of “The IV Georgy Teratsuyants International Choir Festival” (The Festival) stipulate the purposes and objectives as well as the rules and procedures of The Festival.

1. Purposes and objectives of The Festival:

- to introduce the creative legacy of Russian and foreign peoples to the youth;

- to improve amateur and training choirs’ performance quality;

- to share cultural and educational experience;

- to establish, develop and strengthen professional and cultural connections among choirs,

- to familiarize people with creative and musical trends in contemporary choral art

- to introduce people to differences between traditional European and Russian style of choir performance (with the participation of foreign choirs),

- to enhance the prestige of Petrozavodsk as the cultural centre of  the Republic of Karelia.

2. Festival founder:

The Festival founder is Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU).

The founder is entitled to spread information about Festival purposes, objectives and programme and advertise itself during the festival events.

The Founder forms the Organising committee and the Board of adjudicators.

3. General rules and regulations:

  1. Male, female and mixed choirs and choral ensembles (Participants) are welcome to participate in the Festival; the age of choristers should exceed 16 years.
  2. A Participant is free to select the program. Duration of each Participant’s performance should not exceed 20-30 minutes. The performance should contain no less than 50% of a cappella music.
  3. Each Participant has the right to compete in the performance of a piece by composers of Northern Europe and be fairly appraised by the Board of adjudicators. The decision of the adjudicator(s) is final and not subject to any appeal. The Board reserves the right not to present the prize.
  4. A competition piece should be written by a composer from Northern Europe (Island, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) or the Republic of Karelia (Russia). There are no restrictions on the subject or the date of a piece.
  5. Prior to the Festival a Participant is required to study the scores of the pieces which will be performed by the combined choir at the Gala-concert. A Participant is obliged to inform the Orginising committee whether the whole choir/ensemble or only its part is going to join the combined choir. The programme for the combined choir: Giuseppe Verdi’s Chorus from the Grand Final in Act II of “Aida”, “My Karelia” by G. Sinisalo, “The  march of enthusiasts” by I. Dunaevsky.
  6. A Participant is obliged to take part in the Gala-concert and perform the piece(s) chosen by the Board of adjudicators.
  7. The Organising Committee shall provide Participants with piano in the place of performance if needed.
  8. The organising committee retains the right to make audio and video recordings of performances and other festival events which can be used for broadcasting in any mass media or on the Internet.
  9. The application of a Participant can be declined by the Organising Comittee if there are too many choirs applying for participation.
  10. The participation in the festival is free of charge.
  11. All travel costs, meals and lodging expenses are to be fully covered by Participants. Please, contact the Orginising Committee if there is any difficulty in searching for a hostel/hotel or a canteen for your choir/ensemble. The Organising committee is ready to render every assistance in finding the best variant for you.
  12. It is necessary to fill in an application form until December, 1. You can find the form at choralfestival.petrsu.ru/?page_id=23
  13. Besides the application form, it is necessary to send the following:

- 2 digital photographs of the choir/ensemble,

- 1 high quality photograph of choir’s/ ensemble’s conductor (for printed publications),

- a choir’s/ensemble’s audio recording

(or a link to a web resource containing a recording),

- 4 copies of a competition piece score. The copies will not be returned.

- choir/ensemble biography.

4. Festival organising committee:

Alexander Voronin, Chairman of the committee, rector of Petrozavodsk State University,

Elena Elyna, Vice-chairman, director of Petrozavodsk State University Academic Choir,

Vasilii Katarov, vice-rector,

Nikolay Matashin, conductor of Petrozavodsk State University Choir,

Andrey Gospodarev, assistant conductor of Petrozavodsk State University choir,

Pavlov Dmitry, chorister,

Alexandra Golubeva, chorister,

Kristina Orlova, chorister,

Daria Gorchanuk, chorister

5. Postal address and contacts of the Festival Organising Comittee:

Postal address:

185000 Russia, Petrozavodsk

Lenina str. 33, room 442

To Petrozavodsk University Academic Choir

+7-960-21-99-000 (Dmitry Pavlov)

+7-921-220-41-79 (Andrei Gospodarev)

+7-911-429-19-57 (Elena Elyna)